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New Mystics Films was formed in 2007 with the intention to create no holds barred episodes chronicling the lives of the six main characters in New Mystics Theatre Company’s play 6 Reasons to Say No, which tours middle and high schools.

The characters in 6 Reasons are drug dealers and users, and their circle of family and friends. Their lives are complicated and often dark—too dark to capture the pure truth of their language, actions, and outcomes in the school environment.

Each month for the next five months, we will debut a new short film here along with a short synopsis and introduction of the characters.

Disclaimer: Due to violent content, adult language, and depictions of drug and alcohol use, you should not view these films if you are under 17 years of age.

6 Reasons to Say No

“Carlo, My Mentor”

Johnny is the most powerful drug dealer in the city. He and his enforcer, Paul, have just learned that Carlo, a small-time distributor and Johnny’s former mentor, was picked up recently by the police. How much did he tell them? Johnny is willing to kill to find out...

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“This Changes Everything”

No longer working for Johnny, Paul makes the decision to check himself into rehab.
Making his girfriend Maggie and brother Dylan understand his reasons for leaving could be harder than pulling the trigger…

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With Paul away at re-hab, Johnny takes the opportunity to bring Dylan into the fold...

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"A Living Wage"

When Robbie loses yet another job, Tori's father makes a set of offers they don't want, but can't refuse...

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"Maggie's Past"

Johnny uses Paul's absence to try and get to Maggie...

Jake's Lament
A film by Dan Cooley, by special arrangement with New Mystics Films

Jake’s Lament is an early project by New Mystics Director of Special Projects and director/editor Dan Cooley.

Jake (Jeremy Madia) has lost his father in a robbery/shooting, and tries to come to terms with what the future might hold for he and his family.