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Who We Are
New Mystics is an online Arts community founded in 2002 by Joey Madia, playwright, poet, novelist, actor, director, artist, musician, and teacher as a way to promote the work of a group of cutting edge writers and artists active in the Small and Independent Press.

Over the past 10 years the site has grown to include several recurring artists; a section devoted to the Seven Stories (formerly New Mystics) Theatre Company, Inc., formed in August 2004 of which Joey is the Artistic Director; and reviews of both poetry and music.

Here you will find a wide variety of styles, tones, and topics, although our contributors all have one important thing in common—their work is of high quality and whether they are well established or just starting their public journey as writers and artists, they believe in taking risks, breaking down walls, and sharing their view of the world with integrity, personality, vision, and a clear and distinct Voice.

What is a New Mystic?
The idea of the New Mystic developed from Joey's experiments with poetry, meditation, drum journeying, mantra, and conscious dreaming at the turn of the new millennium. During intensive study and substantial research into history, philosophy, spiritual systems, shamanism, mythology, quantum physics, folklore, and esoteric, Gnostic and hermetical texts, Joey began to apply a catalogue of symbols to his daily lived experiences and out of this work came dozens of published poems and eventually an e-book entitled New Mystic Alchemy.

A New Mystic is a Seeker; a believer that all things are connected and there is much to be mined from the overlapping metaphors (to use a favorite word of Joseph Campbell) and stories in all of the many branches of higher thought mentioned above. The New Mystic is a walker between the worlds—shaman, actor, artist, writer, philosopher, quantum physicist—one who knows the coin has no sides; the Zoroastrian duality is a veil of maya (an illusion), and that Anything is Possible.

The New Mystic is ultramodern and tied to the Ways of the Ancients—a synthesizer of Renaissance ideals and the New Technic of cyber-communication.

The New Mystic is an artist and visionary.

This website is our gathering place.