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Dan Hedges


Dan Hedges teaches English in the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board of Quebec.  He has also taught at Sedbergh School, and the Celtic International School.  He studied English, History, and Education and Trent University and Queen’s University.  He is the editor of the literary collective HUMANIMALZ.  His writing appears or is forthcoming in North American and International journals such as The Monarch Review, Kenning Journal, Wilderness House Literary Journal, Haggard and Halloo Publications, The Euonia Review, The Legendary, Record Magazine, The Apeiron Review, The Journal, and more than fifty others. He has completed four poetry collections: Agrammatical Humanimalz (2011), Field Guide Aesthetics (Middle Island Press, 2012), An Inflammation of Nouns (2012), and Pores of Chaos (2012).

Writer's Statement

I want to describe my writing as intense, philosophical, and hopeful.  For me, poetry is a created texture, best experienced in the agrammatical mind.  In my view, the impact of poetry has a lot to do with archetypes, and allowing mind-scapes to form beautifully, by force of words.  Native American tradition and world-view has certainly affected my life and writing in a huge way, which often alludes to animal spirits colliding with 'humanimal' realities.  I am intrigued by an aesthetic paradigm that I can only call 'field guide aesthetics' which attempts to reconcile new world nomenclature, with complex spirit worlds that span greater epochs.

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