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John Gartland

John Gartland


John Gartland, born in England, with an Irish mother, a published novelist, and, formerly, a  playwright, has been widely published as a poet in the UK and the US, and founded the successful Poetry ID writers’ group in the UK in 1998. He thrives on live performance of his work.

Working from 2004 to 2009 as a teacher at several universities in Bangkok, he drew together there a group of writers and musicians, from the campus and beyond, who perform, on a regular basis as Poetry Universe. For the last year John has been Visiting Professor of English Writing at Korea National University of Education (KNUE) - though he still likes to spend as much time as possible at his house in Bangkok..

A collection of his poetry, Gravity’s Fool,  was first published by Assumption University Press in 2007, and has been reprinted three times.

John Gartland’s new collection of poetry, Poetry without Frontiers,  a joint collection with Irish poet Tom Hodgins, a collaborator in Poetry Universe, was published by Assumption University Press, and launched on October 21st. 2008, in Ireland.

John’s currently preparing a new book of poetry and writing a novel.

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Letter to John Wilson
Audio recording, read by Joey Madia with sound by Knight Berman Jr

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