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Visual Art
Visual Art

Claire Smith

Artist’s Statement
I took up photography in Autumn 2007.  I am a member of a local photography club, and we visit places of local interest once a fortnight to take photographs.  I have been involved in an exhibition with the group, which took place in July 2008.  We have a forthcoming exhibition planned for June 2009, in association with the local art gallery and museum, in Cheltenham.

My main areas of interest are natural forms and architecture, which is reflected in the photographs displayed here.  I try to ‘see’ an image in a different way, present a fragment of the world from an unfamiliar perspective; to emphasise the uncanny aspects of the everyday. Often this means I reduce the image to its aesthetic abstract qualities.

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'Bloom,' Cheltenham, 16-06-09
Bloom, Cheltenham, 16-06-09

'Dying Bloosom,' Cheltenham, 16-6-09
Dying Bloosom, Cheltenham, 16-6-09

'Dying Tulip,' Churchdown, 15-5-09
Dying Tulip,  Churchdown, 15-5-09

'Fritillary,' Churchdown, 15-5-09
Fritillary, Churchdown, 15-5-09

'Opening Act,' Chipping Camden, 12-6-09
Opening Act, Chipping Camden, 12-6-09

'Pink Poppy,' Churchdown, 11-6-09
Pink Poppy, Churchdown, 11-6-09

'Poppy Centre,' Churchdown, 11-6-09
Poppy Centre, Churchdown, 11-6-09

'Seeing Yellow,' Churchdown, 2-7-09
Seeing Yellow, Churchdown, 2-7-09

'Shocking Orange,' Churchdown, 11-6-09
Shocking Orange, Churchdown, 11-6-09

'Spiked,' Chipping Camden, 12-6-09
Spiked, Chipping Camden, 12-6-09

Pittvile Park Lake
Pittville Park Lake, Winter 2009.

Poppy Sculpture
Poppy Sculpture at “Nature in Art,” Winter 2009.

Lily in Rezza Williink's Garden, Devon, Summer 2008.

Lake at Eastnor Park
Lake at Eastnor Park, Autumn 2008.

Folly in Gloucester
Folly in Gloucester, Winter 2009.

Colonnade at Rococo Gardens
Colonnade at Rococo Gardens in Painswick, Winter 2009.