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Jean-Marie Avril


Jean-Marie Avril was born in Nantes, Brittany in April 1967.  He considers himself at war with France for the denial of Brittany's national specifics.  He has frequented the OTO, Chaos Magick, the New Age scene in Newport, The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury and the Druids and the Unitarian Church in Cheltenham, which he still carries on frequenting.  He obtained a degree in religious studies and women's studies in Cheltenham in 2002.  It's only a C.  JM has been writing since 1984 pretty much: poetry, songs, essays, inspired prose, short stories, etc.  He prefers to write in English rather than in French.  He also does music of a punk quality, meaning JM is not Jimmy Page and will never be.  JM believes God is A Black Woman as in the Song of Solomon: "I am Black but Beautiful."
Artist’s Statement about The Silver Girl essays
The silver girl is a guide leading the soul through the snares of the astral and other subtle regions.  She is an alien, a fairy, an angel, a goddess and perhaps none of these categorizations.  She is certainly a female Hermes, so that the term 'angel' might not detract her from her qualifications as angels are messengers.  As such she is the patroness of these essays, done over a period of 10 years roughly, from 1994 to 2004.  The central theme of these essays is the Goddess and my reactions to her via life lessons.  They may appear fragmented but I'm not calibrated to write long works.  I do hope the reader enjoys these essays and finds through these fragments his or her own potential for communication with the Goddess. 

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Seven Poems (.pdf) NEW!!!

Nine Poems (.pdf)

Three Works and the Last Letter Sent to Him by Bruno Piaud (.pdf)

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Three Short Stories (.pdf)

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Us First, Part 3 (.pdf)

Us First, Part 2 (.pdf)

Us First, Part 1 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Part 1 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Part 2 (.pdf) 

The King of Terror, Part 3 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Part 4 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Part 5 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Part 6 (.pdf)

The King of Terror, Translator's Statement (.pdf)

New POEMS from TALES OF ANARCHY (.pdf)  

More POEMS from TALES OF ANARCHY (.pdf)  


The Silver Girl, Pt. 1 (.pdf)

The Silver Girl, Pt. 2 (.pdf)

The Silver Girl, Pt. 3 (.pdf)